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Let's cover the basics

How can we help get the word out?

The best way to get involved is to make a box in your town! Every Free Blockbuster is  a service to your community and a standing advertisement for our movement.

Do you just find random empty boxes and spray paint them?

I wouldn't say random... the locations are strategic. Volunteers build, maintain and stock boxes. Some are out in the wild, but most are near a volunteer's home or business.  

Speaking of boxes...

Where can I get a box?


Get out there and find an abandoned newspaper box! They're pretty common in shopping districts or train stops. Rescue it, take it home, and DIY it into a Free Blockbuster for your neighborhood. Also there's no rule saying that a Free Blockbuster needs to be built from a newspaper box -- you can use anything that works for your community! does not supply volunteers with boxes, but we do have a limited number of freestanding fully-decorated Free Blockbuster boxes available on our franchise supplies page.

How do you know it's abandoned? 

If they're filled with trash, that's a good sign. A quick call to the company is another good way to confirm its status.

And what do you mean by "DIY it"?

Each box design is unique and ultimately the look is totally up to the volunteer that created it. We like to go with the classic yellow on blue look. Click the START A FRANCHISE button on our homepage for a step-by-step guide on customizing a box. Here are our logos so you can make your own stencil: AI DWG EPS JPG We also have pre-cut stencils available; visit our Franchise Supplies page for stickers, stencils that will help guide your DIY adventure.


What's in the box?

What should I put in a Free Blockbuster?

Anything your community might value as a public possession including but not limited to: VHS tapes & DVDs, video games, music, reels of film, VCRs, DVD players,

And it's all on the honor system? Take a movie leave a movie?

Sure, why not? Scarcity is a myth used to control us.

Can I donate a bunch of DVD's if I don't have time to make a box?

Yes, you should bring them to the box closest to you. You are welcome to mail us your returns, but Free Blockbuster can not be responsible for shipping costs.

Unsolved Mysteries

Has there ever been an issue with tapes melting in the summer heat?

We haven't had any problems with tapes melting YET.

Do you have permission to use this name and logo? Couldn't you get sued?

We received a letter from Blockbuster LLC and have responded by requesting a license to continue using their trademarks.

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