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Metal Free Blockbuster Box

FREE SHIPPING in as little as (2) weeks! The most common question we receive is "Where can I find a box?" At long last, we are finally able to offer a fully-decorated freestanding Free Blockbuster movie honor box.


Lovingly refurbished, primed, coated with fresh paint, and ready to premiere in your community. Includes 2 "Free" side decals and a front "TAMLAM". The Metal Free Blockbuster Box measures 42" tall by 17 3/4" inches across by 14 3/4" inches deep, and features a large 17" x 17" Lexan front window to display your franchise inventory. Weight is 40 pounds.


Can be weighed down, bolted to a solid surface, or chained through posterior portholes for stability. Metal Free Blockbuster Boxes are sent with porthole plugs installed for weather-proofing, but these can be removed if you would like to chain your box to another object. 


Comfortably holds 50 DVD cases or 25 VHS tapes from total franchise inventory