FREE SHIPPING in as little as (2) weeks! For the truly committed franchisee, this deluxe fully-decorated freestanding Free Blockbuster movie honor box is 3x larger than our introdutory model! Lovingly produced in durable plastic and ready to premiere in your community, the Deluxe Free Blockbuster Box measures 43 inches tall by 18 inches across and 21 inches deep, and features a large window to dislay your franchise inventory. This box should be weighed down by placing rocks or sandbags (not included) in the base. Comfortably holds a whopping 150 DVD cases or 75 VHS tapes from total franchise inventory! The same box used by franchisees from Richmond, VA to Portland, OR, this model is sure to delight and amaze your friends and neighbors!

Deluxe Plastic FreeBlockbuster Box